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Real Estate Photography

Lynchburg Aerials is a Licensed  Real Estate and Aerial Photography company based in Lynchburg, Virginia that specializes in virtual tours, aerial photography, and real estate photography for Realtors and For Sale By Owner MLS listings. We use HDR technology to create unique photographic images that will help you sell and promote your home or business. We provide high impact, high resolution digital images for all of your photographic needs.

Photography Services Available
  • Landscape Photography
  • Architectural Photography
  • Video & Photo Surveillance
  • Real Estate Photography
  • Construction progress Photography
  • Time Laps Photography
  • Virtual Tours
  • Floor Plans
  • For Sale by Owner Listings

                                                             Check one of our latest areal videos below 
Real Estate Photography, Virtual Tours
Real Estate Photography and Virtual Tours

Lynchburg Aerials is the only commercial real estate and aerial photography company in the Lynchburg, Forest and Roanoke areas of Virginia. We also provide high and low altitude aerial photography services in the surrounding states of North Carolina, West Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina,Tennessee and the DC area.

For high altitude aerials we use a Cessna L19 Bird Dog. This aircraft was built for the sole purpose of aerial photography for use by the military.

Lynchburg Aerials is the only Aerial photography company that is equipped for extreme low altitude aerial photography using specialized equipment , producing high resolution photographs and video.


We guarantee you a high quality customized photographic experience, and will capture your special project unique to your needs, whether it is for Architectural, Real Estate, Virtual Tours, or Aerial photographs. We will make your images stand out for marketing or print to stay ahead of your competition.

Professional Aerial Photography services are available for real estate listings, auctions, new construction progress,as well as for private residential home or property owners.


Multiple  photo packages and printing options are available to fit your specific needs, including high quality photo prints, canvas prints, cards and calendars. Click here to see our rates.

Aerial photographer lynchburg Virginia
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